Standing – Reversed and Remanded

  • In the Interest of T.R.H. Jr.
    • 091700001CV, 2018 WL 2246545
    • 75th District Court of Liberty County
    • Justice Kreger, May 17, 2018
  • The trial court named mother and father as joint managing conservators of the minor, including a provision in the final order that provided for paternal grandmother’s right of first refusal for keeping the child during working hours. Grandmother was not a party to the suit. Mother later sought to modify the order, and grandmother filed a motion to intervene. Mother filed a motion to dismiss, and the trial court dismissed the grandmother’s suit on the grounds that she lacked standing to initiate or intervene in the lawsuit.
  • The Ninth Court held that the grandmother was a “party affected by an order,” and reversed the trial court.